The Plug & Light Principle

Plug & Light is the first socket that unites light control and power supply. Combined with suitable luminaires, Plug & Light guarantees reliable, effective and easy-to-control interior lighting. Flicker-free, from dim to warm-dim. Plug & Light fits into all standard wall boxes commercially available in European countries. The system not only redefines the way interior lighting is controlled – it also introduces a totally new way of handling the corresponding luminaires: they are docked to the socket with a magnet. Once fitted, each luminaire can be smoothly rotated through 360° and can even be exchanged during operation.

Turned through 180°, the floodlight that brightly illuminates a kitchen worktop for chopping foodstuffs creates a pleasant, indirect light for enjoying an aperitif or dinner. With the flick of a hand and a different luminaire, a perfectly lit worktable becomes an intimate dinner table. Rotated into the right position, the wall-mounted spotlight illuminating the ceiling of a hotel room is transformed into a night-time reading lamp.

With Plug & Light, Insta – in collaboration with Gira and Jung – is paving the way towards a new world of innovative lighting. Offering flexibility in planning and simple and safe installation, with Plug & Light interior lighting has been redefined and is now to control. Plug & Light is an open system, inviting other manufacturers of luminaires and building automation systems to reimagine light and participate in designing the future.

Four matching light fittings round off the Plug & Light portfolio by Insta: spot, floodlight, pendant luminaire and light machine allow for many different lighting scenarios. Insta’s parent companies, Gira and Jung, offer the technology in a selection of their switch designs. Luminaire manufacturer Brumberg has developed first decorative product lines for Plug & Light.

Who is Plug & Light for?


use Plug & Light to develop versatile lighting designs: Plug & Light allows maximum freedom in planning and reliable functionality in lighting design with matching switches. Only the sockets and switches for the future light sources have to be planned during the construction process. The suitable design and the desired luminaires can be selected towards the end or after the completion of construction. Replacing existing Plug & Light luminaires with different designs is possible at any time. Plug & Light is the perfect system for the luxury residential market, for discerning home owners or for the hospitality industry. Also available: a protection against dismantling.


use Plug & Light to develop versatile lighting designs: Plug & Light fits into all standard wall boxes commercially available in European countries. Via its gold-plated connectors, Plug & Light delivers a maximum output of 8 watts. On top of that, the open system is extremely versatile, communicates directly with the docked luminaire, adapting to its capacity. The light is dimmed frequency-free – and hence flicker-free. Plug & Light is ready for immediate use: initialisation or parameter-setting are not necessary.

Home owners

experience versatile lighting design with Plug & Light: the function of a room and the corresponding lighting become versatile. For guaranteed flicker-free and dimmable light. And for a consistent interior design vocabulary as switch and light design come from a single source. The luminaires are easy to install and, thanks to a magnetic system, exchanging them during operation is child’s play. With its safety extra-low voltage (12V), Plug & Light is childproof.

Plug & Light Partners

Developed by Insta: as the inventor, developer and producer of Plug & Light, Insta is paving the way towards a new world of innovative interior lighting. Insta has already developed four different luminaires for the system: a floodlight, a spotlight, a pendant and a light machine.

Featured by Gira and Jung: as Insta’s parent companies, Gira and Jung support the development and market introduction of Plug & Light, and facilitate a new kind of lighting design by providing the matching switches. Gira has integrated the open Plug & Light system into its System 55 switch platform and offers the light plug, floodlight and spot in the Gira E2 and the Gira Esprit product ranges, among others. Jung has implemented the light plug, floodlight and spot in its LS 990 and A creation switch designs.

Brumberg is our first member: a specialist in high-end lighting technology, as Plug & Light partner, Brumberg has developed five decorative lighting product lines, each of which including a ceiling, wall and pendant luminaire.

Manufacturers of switches and building automation systems are invited to become Plug & Light partners and to include the open system in their portfolios. Let’s design a new generation of lighting concepts together!

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