Symbols of a hyperconnected world

At the outset, the following thoughts preoccupied us: can a commercially available socket be more than a device for connecting an electrical appliance? Since the power socket is a normal basic component of our apartments, offices, and hotels, one forgets to question it, to look at it anew. It is practically unchallengeable. However, rigid concepts and structures are now out-dated – scenarios need to change quickly. Where living and working spaces are becoming more hybrid, where the living room spontaneously becomes an office, the dining table a desk, the hotel lobby a co-working space, the café a cocktail bar in the evening, lighting requirements are also changing: they are becoming more complex.

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Lighting that follows people’s needs. Interview with Tobias Link Plug & Light concept designer

How did you become the concept designer of Plug & Light?

We have been cooperating with Insta for a long time. We have created the luminaire instalight No limit together, for example. A modular system with which many different lighting solutions can be easily implemented. A successful project. So Insta asked if I would like to address the topic of ‘light straight from the socket’. A fantastic assignment!

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