Change the atmosphere and function of a room in the blink of an eye.

Plug & Light makes it possible to experience adjustable lighting in a new dimension. With Plug & Light, atmosphere and room function can be repeatedly and effectively modified according to the situation. Quick and easy. Perfectly compatible with our current lifestyle, in which spatial structures and interiors are continually being redesigned. The demand for high-quality lighting and variability is growing. 

Plug & Light hits the mark: the wall spotlight, for example, which brightly illuminates the kitchen worktop, later – turned by 180° – creates a pleasant, indirect light for an aperitif or a dinner party. In a single move, a change of the light attachment transforms the perfectly lit workspace into a cosy dining table. Moreover, the spotlight on the wall – turned in the right direction – becomes a reading light. The 12 V safety low voltage also makes the system childproof, disassembly protection is also available.

Once it is docked, the light attachment can be rotated by 360 without a stop.
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