Symbols of a hyperconnected world

At the outset, the following thoughts preoccupied us: can a commercially available socket be more than a device for connecting an electrical appliance? Since the power socket is a normal basic component of our apartments, offices, and hotels, one forgets to question it, to look at it anew. It is practically unchallengeable. However, rigid concepts and structures are now out-dated – scenarios need to change quickly. Where living and working spaces are becoming more hybrid, where the living room spontaneously becomes an office, the dining table a desk, the hotel lobby a co-working space, the café a cocktail bar in the evening, lighting requirements are also changing: they are becoming more complex.

Plug & Light hits the mark in this development: a lighting concept that creates new areas of freedom, which we need in order to live out our future optimally. Plug & Light enables adaptation to the situation: modular, fast, high quality and safe. Plug & Light: light sockets installed in flush-mounted device sockets onto which various mobile luminaires can be mounted, are immediately operable and can be easily changed at any time. However, that’s not all. Plug & Light is a network idea that is pursued openly. Other manufacturers are also called upon to create new designs for light sockets and matching luminaires. – The development potential is huge!

Writing lighting history

‘Light cannot be touched. However, it touches us,’ says Tobias Link. An apt phrase that shows how important good lighting is. In an interview (article: ‘Lighting that follows people’s needs’), the lighting designer who created the design concept for Plug & Light recounts how Plug & Light’s aspirations originated, where it is going, and what future dimensions in lighting design will open up.

The field of the future lighting world is expansive, exciting, and complex. Here too developments are rapid. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to regularly read the Plug & Light online magazine ‘light & life’ that also focuses on the network concept: as in future, we will not only be reporting on Plug & Light but also on topics and innovations relating to lighting, interesting exhibitions and events. – Come and have a look and get excited!

Talking of news. The fact that, even before its commercial launch, Plug & Light was awarded the ‘Innovationspreis Architektur und Technik 2018’ shows:  the realm of design and architecture is in need of forward-thinking solutions.

We are looking forward to the forthcoming lighting stories.